Friday, August 6, 2010

Feminine Fridays Week #2

It's Regina's turn at the designing table this week. Here's a sneek peak. 


Be sure to CLICK HERE for all the details. While you're there have a look at "My Craft Room" on the right hand side. Mine looks just like that HAHA with the exception of drywall. Maybe one day, it's a work in progress.  

Frankii, oh Frankii! He decided to take a tour in the field across the road, again! with the cows, llamas, and a horse or two.  Came back smelling somethin' awful, again! He's can be a handful :) It's his favorite thing to do next to chasing and digging after gophers.

Here he is in his house on a time out.  Looking a little sheepish isn't he. He's all cleaned up and ready for action, in another 15 minutes that is.  We're going shopping for a new collar today.  The one he has now says "Bad to the Bone". Maybe that's just a little too suggestive for him LOL.

See Ya Next Week!

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