Friday, July 29, 2011

Freestyle Fridays - Regina's Done It Again

What Gives! Half of North America is faced with "Baby it's hot outside", the other half is "It's raining, it's pouring". So for the half that's the latter, hopefully Regina's completed mission for this week will brighten your day.
I've said this before, and I must say it again, it always amazes me at what Regina can come up. She is a true artist.   Click here for a full view and all the details. And don't be shy to leave her a comment. It will be well received and much deserved.

For the half that's in blazing heat, maybe this will cool you down some.

Frankii's got a squirrel to chase and he's just waiting for the rain to stop.  At least he's smart enough to stay out of it. Well, at least for now, he took off shortly after this was taken and slid in the mud on the way to his prey. No need for a bath, I'll just make him stand in the rain Haha.

Try to stay cool or dry wherever you have the misfortune to live at the moment.

See Ya Next Week!

1 comment:

Jacoline Fitzgerald said...

Gosh Julie both you and Regina are so creative. I just love her card that she has done today. Now I will try and make something as nice.

I hope the new job is going well and that Frankii is behaving himself. Take care and thankyou so much to both of you for your creative genius!