Monday, July 18, 2011

Manly Mondays - It's Raining

It's Raining, It's Pouring, the old man is snoring...... Wowzers, did we have a thunderstorm this morning. The house shook and Frankii almost levitated from his bed.  Apparently there is more on the way.  Looks like we are in for a bumpy summer!

With all the fog and mist this card came to mind.

It's not the best of photographs I'm afraid.  The base is Old Olive.  I took a piece of Very Vanilla and stamped the reeds from Inspired by Nature in Old Olive.  Then I took a piece of plastic wrap, scrunched it up some and "licked" the cap of the Frost White All Purpose Ink after I shook it.  I dabbed that on the Very Vanilla making it look like fog.  Unfortunately I am not the best of photographer's and had a hard time capturing that effect.  I used the Lace Ribbon Border with Old Olive cardstock and made sure that both sides were even with the pattern before I applied it with a two way glue stick.  The sentiment is from Kind and Caring Thoughts embossed in gold on Very Vanilla with an Old Olive mat.  Multi-purpose card really, could be used as a Sympathy Card, a brother away at college, an uncle you haven't spoken to in awhile or a really great neighbor that recently moved away.


We have a friend from Ottawa staying with us taking a course in Edmonton.  Frankii is not use to her sounds yet.  The other night she got up in the middle of the night to use the washroom and Frankii was in protection mode, BIG TIME.  I was expecting this to happen.  I calmed him down and he actually got up on the bed and laid at my feet which is something he never does.  That was his big brother's spot and when Tex was there, he made it clear to Frankii that that was his spot and his spot alone. I think he felt the need to take care of me that night.  My little one is growing up way to quickly.

I caught him with that bone again trying to fine a burying hole.  This must have gone on for a good 20 minutes.
It's been raining so much he can't go to his designated area in the backyard to bury it.  I think that's why he's been looking in the house.  I trained him to bury only in a certain area and he hasn't had a lot of time out there because of all the rain and much to our dismay, hail.  Lost track of him when he was roaming around so I've got no idea where it ended.  All I know is that it was not under my pillow thank goodness.

A La Prochaine!


Regina Andari said...

Lovely card, Julie! I love "Inspired by Nature"! You're having a rainy summer, and ours is too hot! Hang in there, Frankii . . . Fall is just around the corner.

Jacoline Fitzgerald said...

Really love this card Julie. It does look like fog. We must be having the same summer weather as it is cold and rainy here too. We also have had major hail and terrible down pours of rain. Today we have sunshine though so we will take what we can get this summer. Love to hear about Frankii and his antics. He looks so cute with that bone. You take care and enjoy your week and I look forward to your next posting.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Card Julie, I would love to see how you showed Frankii where to bury his bones LOL