Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Manly Mondays - Congrats to Garry

With yesterday being a holiday I'm off by a day.  Better late than not I say :)

Betty's Garry got himself a new job.  We could not be happier for him.  WAY TO GO GARRY!!!  The competition was fierce and he came through with flying colors.  To celebrate this momentous occasion Garry will be receiving this card in the mail over the next few days.  Betty, I know YOU can keep a secret. 

It's a piece of Basic Black Cardstock scored to make a pocket.  The designer paper is Night and Day Specialty with a star from A Little Somethin' embossed in black on glossy cardstock.  The star border was cut with a die cut.  It wasn't closing well on its own so I added a Velcro circle.

On the inside I used the same designer paper.  The Congratulations is also on Glossy paper embossed in black cut with a die cut and adhered to layers of black and white.  It pulls out like a tag.  A different card for a different kind of guy.


Another busy week for the little boy.  From chasing the infamous squirrel up a tree in the rain and patiently waiting for it to come down

to our annual BBQ he was dog tired (pun intended) by the end of it.  The following day he spent most of it in one of his favorites spot, on the tile in front of the fireplace where it's nice and cool for him.

He ran around with 4 kids all day Saturday ranging from ages 5 to 10.  We finally had a rain free day and he sure took advantage of being outdoors.  He took everything they could do to him like a champion.  Not that they mistreated him in away, he's not use to having children around and how quickly they can move at times.  One child even put his leash on him and ran around the yard. He never left that child's knee and walked, well, really trotted, with every step, like he was trained to.  Another proud moment in his growing repertoire.

A La Prochaine!


Anonymous said...

Ok I can't wait for Garry to get the card.


Julie once again you out did yourselve....

Frankii had a great time also


Regina Andari said...

What a great card! B&W is hard to beat! Love the design, too, and the pocket. Congrats to Garry on getting the job.

Jacoline Fitzgerald said...

Julie I love black and white cards... they are so elegant and you can do so much with them. I just love this card and am going to try it out today as I need a nice card for my nephew. Also sounds like Frankii is just really enjoying himself. Have a great week.