Sunday, January 16, 2011

My First Award

I've been presented with my first ever Blog Award by the very talented Regina! I am super excited about it  as this was a goal I had set for this year and thanks to Regina is happened very quickly. The start of the year was not off to a great start and THANKS to Regina it's getting better already.  

I have to tell you 8 things about myself to accept this award and then present it to other bloggers that I find inspiration from. Here are the 8 things that you may or may not want to know: 

1 - I have many food allergies - mostly fruits. 

2- Turned 50 in December

3- Can't or won't write longhand - depends which way you look at it. I've been printing in block letters since grade 10 and even that can be hard to read.

4- On most days you can hear music in my house, LOUD!

5- To my husband's horror I like to play Barbie with Frankii, my almost 4 year old Golden Retriever x Pyranees.  We've been having a lot of snow days lately and it makes for very entertaining days! And no, I don't dress him up when we go out. This is purely for my own enjoyment although he does wear a scarf on a daily basis. My husband put his foot down at a green neon wig.  He never lets me have any fun! :)

6- Frankii (yup, it's spelt with two i's) came to us by way of an ad in a grocery store when he was 3 months old.

7- L-O-V-E cheese, any kind. My absolute favorite is from a dairy in St. Albert, Ontario. 

8- When I'm in a car as a passenger for any length of time I fall asleep. I'm a very quiet traveler.
The eight bloggers (in alphabetical order by first name) I present this award to are:

Corinne at

Jackie at

Krista at

Mary-Jane at

Robin at

Susan at

Sylvia at

Val at

Ladies please pay it forward and share the love!


Susan Raihala said...

Thank you so much for the award! What an honor to be named with these other amazing bloggers. Hugs, Susan

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Julie you deserve this reward.

I have never seen anyone work so hard at a hobby like you do.

Betty H

Lindy said...

well I loved to put scarves and such on my dog too. LOL... unfortunately I lost him in September at 16. He was a Queensland mix. wonderful guy and I miss him lots.

I've just found your blog, through MGC yahoo group, but will continue to explore! Love your manly Monday idea. Since I have six sons I can sure use manly cards!