Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

I have a non-card post for you today. Like many of you, we are experiencing record snow falls.  It just keeps on coming.  Frankii was having a had time maneuvering through the backyard so my husband took the snowblower out and made him a run.  This is what it looked like on January 11th.

Frankii sure is having a blast with it.

Today, his run looks like this

We've been playing out front in the hopes that Frankii can catch "his" squirrel.

He thinks he hears it so he does a quick turn of the head. Nope, not the squirrel.  After half an hour or so and me falling in a snowbank, twice, it times to go in. 

This is his "I'm listening to you but I don't like it" look.  He liked having the little ice pellets that had formed all over his legs and belly removed even less. He was covered in ice and still he didn't want to come in.

I drove into the city last Thursday and it was the worse I have seen it in a long long time.

Once on the highway home it was a little better but the snow was drifting at quite a high speed. 

Fortunately it did not take forever to get there and back and it was a safe trip. It will be awhile before I venture into the city again. Like Betty mentioned the other day, the roads are like a roller coaster and it makes for hazardous driving.


sassyb07 said...

your photos are great Julie, thanks for sharing.....that's a lot of snow, LOL....beautiful dog

lady Anne Howard said...

Thanks for showing us how much it has snowed. My sister was trying to tell me how much you all have been having but couldn't explain it very well lol. She lives in Lacombe.
Love your Labrador pal :-)
Love ~ Lady Anne xx

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures. Poor Frankii he needs a curl up on the guest bed & comfort food.


Lindy said...

gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I miss living in snow country... except for the driving part. :)

Patrice H said...

Yikes!! I am a Southern Californian (Snow??)You actually - purposefully went out in that white stuff???? I call snow involuntary wet!
Well your cute dogie looked like he was having a great time. Please be safe OK.

Regina Andari said...

Awesome pictures!!!!! I really enjoyed them--would love to have such a view, minus all of the snow, of course. I suppose it was inevitable that Frankii's run would get snowed in, but how sweet of Evan to make it for him. The best picture, I think, is the one where Frankii is clearly saying, "Talk to the hand, you mean mama!"