Monday, December 20, 2010

Manly Mondays

There is no fear of not having a White Christmas around here.  It's been snowing everyday for almost a week.  Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.  It the gift that keeps on giving. 

I recently saw a reindeer card made with punches and decided to put my own spin on it.  I kept the layout exactly the same except for the colors. The original was done with brown and red.  Should you recognize this card as yours please let me know. I would like to pass on credit to your creation.

The antlers are actual branches from one of our many trees.  The oval punch is popped up on dimensionals and so is the Merry Christmas.  This one will certainly be hand delivered.  My husband has many "hunter" friends that will get a big chuckle out it.  Betty and I certainly did when we made this at our monthly get together.

Frankii had a real busy day yesterday as we played in the snow and trying to catch that ever elusive squirrel.  Is it just me or is that squirrel getting louder and louder with his cries of "catch me if you can haha" tauntings??  When we were out doing the last of the Christmas shopping my husband spotted a "non-stuffed" squirrel and insisted we get it for Frankii. Considering that it was not filled and that once Frankii broke through it, as he always does, we would not be faced with the stuffing all over the house I thought Why Not although the cost was double the usual toy.  Go figure, less material, double the cost.  He has not let go of it even when he took his evening nap.

If only this could have lasted.  A door bell rang just like ours on TV and all hell broke loose LOL.

A La Prochaine!


Mickie said...

Your reindeer is so cute but that dog is precious! Love my dogs (3)!

Lori Mueller said...

I love this post....great spin on the reindeer. My favorite part of your post is about the 'non-stuffed' squirrel. My Mom got our dog (Shih Poo) a non-stuffed fox toy, and she loves it. Makes for a great tug-of-war! Our Maggie does the same thing with toys....creates a hole and pulls out all the stuffing. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie, Once again nice reading post. Always gives a little chuckle. Butttt That does not look like a squirrel but Frankii doesnt know.


Anonymous said...

Good read. Thx for that. I like the way your medallion card turned out. I'm having a hard time coming up with a card with that stamp. Frankii is adorable. Kim