Friday, December 17, 2010

Feminine Fridays

This will be this year's last Feminine Fridays post.  We'll be back on January 7th with a new mission and a few surprises. Regina and I would like to extend to you and yours the Happiest and Safest of Holidays.

This is my first MDS card. I tried a few different elements and colors before I decided that this would be the end result.  Not bad for a few minutes of adding and deleting this and that. Not a WOW Regina style but considering that the install of the program is barely "dry" and I've spent less than an hour experimenting and exploring, not bad.

I've received two Christmas cards this week with the same poem and I thought I would share it with you.

Every time a hand reaches out to
help another
That is Christmas...
Every time someone puts anger aside
and strives for understanding
That is Christmas...
Every time people forget their
differences and realize their love
for each other
That is Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!


Regina Andari said...

Isn't MDS a LOT of fun????? You did a great job, and I know you had to have loved the experience. Best of all, there's no clean-up needed after using MDS!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie, I just cannot imagine doing a card with no glue, glitter, ribbon etc. & having a mess but your card is very nice & clean glad you like your MDS.
The Poem is a lovely touch I have not heard that one before & I think it can stand for every day.

Merry Christmas