Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Challenge Winning Baby Card

In September I made this card for my friend Chantel.  She wouldn't reveal whether she was having a boy or a girl mainly because she did not know herself. So I made a very neutral card.

Mia was born on October 22, 2010, at 8 pds 7 oz. Both are doing extremely well and you can see Mia being strolled by her proud Mama sporting a brand new white and pink Diva blanket.  She is quite the bundle of joy.

On the inside:

I just kept adding a little here and a little there from my supplies. All except the cardstock and one punch are current. I followed a video tutorial by Jackie Topa that you can see HERE  Thank you Jackie for a fun and easy to follow visual tutorial.

I belong to a Yahoo group called ScorPalPals.  In October there was a challenge for a step card. Not sure if it qualified I contacted Robin, the moderator of the group to make sure.  She replied "I'm going to say Yes". So I entered the challenge and I WON!  I was thrilled and this is the gift that I received:

I was surprised at the items in the envelope. Such a generous gift and fun to boot!  Thank you Robin for making Halloween extra special this year.  YOU ROCK!


Robin said...

Julie...congrats again on your card being picked!!! It was really neat to come here and see the inside of the card...how cool!! I'm glad you enjoyed your little package!! Have fun!!

Regina Andari said...

That baby card is soooooo cute!!!! Congratulations on winning a fun prize . . . you definitely deserved it!