Monday, June 13, 2011

Manly Mondays

I've got a really quick card for you today with a funny tidbit.  We were making fun of people coming up with excuses for not coming to work or why they are late the other day.  The lady that sit next to me says "I don't think I can come to work tomorrow"  "Why not" two of us ask. "My hamster is sick" "Oh really" I say "what's his or her name"  "Stanley" she replies.  I go further and ask "is that with an "e-y" or just a "y".  She says "E-y"  Then the laughter broke out.  She doesn't even have a hamster HAHA.  So this card came about.

I beat her to work the next morning and this card was waiting for her with the envelope addressed to Stanley.  When she arrived she saw the envelope right away and her eyes went up to the ceiling with an "Oh Lord Help Me".  Fun way to start the day. 

Talking about a fun way for the day, what could be more fun that this.

I just got home from work and Frankii is doing his run around the dining room table barking "Brian is here with the new catalog".  And out the door he flies to inspect/sniff at his tires like he always does.  Hey Frankii, it's not the tires you care about today, it's the catalog!  Guess what I'll be doing right after dinner.  Yes, Betty, there is one for you in that white box :) 


When Frankii had a lot of hair, Lord, I don't miss those days, I use to refer to his hind leg as "a big chicken leg".  About 5 weeks ago I was in a dollar store and came across a big chicken leg so on a lark I bought it for him.  He paid it no mind at all except for this weekend.  He dragged it all over the place. And, I mean, all over.  He attempted to take it outside and was quite disappointed when he couldn't.

I'm kinda scared to touch it with this look on his face LOL.  I woke up in the middle of the night and there was this leg in the middle of his bed and he was sleeping beside his bed.  Guess he wanted his leg to have all the comfort.  He's such a character at times I tell ya!

A La Prochaine!


Jacoline Fitzgerald said...

Julie I just love that card and the story about how it was created is hilarious. Sounds like you are enjoying your new job too so that is a plus.

Frankii is a hoot this week. I think that huge chicken leg looks so real. Best be careful he seems to love that leg. I bet no one will get too close to it.

Isn't it nice the new catty's are out and I love all the new colours. My box of stamps, new paper and ink will be here on Friday so I will create something and send it to you. Take care and have a great week.

Regina Andari said...

Don't you just love co-workers who have a great sense of humor?!? Glad you found them! I always enjoy reading about Frankii--his antics never disappoint. BTW, your card turned out great. Hope you're enjoying the new catalog!

Anonymous said...

Oh Julie I can just imagine what your co-workers are thnking of you now. They have no idea what they are in for. Glad my catty arrived can't wait....

Frankii is such a inspiration for your stories. Love it