Monday, March 7, 2011

Manly Mondays - Please vote for Frankii and Dolly

Debbie Spearing, Owner and Founder of That Extra Scratch Behind The Ear, in Devon Alberta (where Frankii meets up with his lady love Dolly) has entered a contest to win funding for her business.  I can not think of anyone more deserving of this prize. Debbie goes out of her way to ensure comfort of all the pets that she cares for whether they just come to hang out for the day or are in need of a full grooming. Frankii has even benefited from a walk around town with Dolly and Callie on quiet days. Which pet daycare that you know of does that!!!  

Please VOTE HERE    All you have to do is enter the two verification codes and hit vote. That's it! PLUS, you can vote more that once, every hour actually. There is a very short video of Frankii and Dolly and their friends at play. It will give you an idea of Frankii's second home. Below the video Debbie describes the process she applies to all the pets that come in for a grooming.

Frankii and I are going to present Debbie with this bulletin board this morning.  Think she'll like it?

This was fun and so easy to make. Ran White cardstock trough the Big Shot using the Sans Serif Essentials Die (Thanks Penny!!) and stamped paw prints on it. Adhered to the board with a two way glue stick.  I have a few "dog" stamps so I just stamped them here and there with Black Staz-On Ink. Printed a few pictures and Frankii and Dolly, of course, and added them to the board.

Thank you for your support.  Debbie, Frankii, Dolly and I truly appreciate it!

A La Prochaine!


Anonymous said...

That is a very kind jester on your part Julie, but I am not surprised you alway do for others in any crafty way you can. I am sure she will love it & use the board often


Regina Andari said...

I agree with Betty . . . this is a really sweet gesture! Should be a fun addition to the daycare!

lady Anne Howard said...

What a great idea to help the Daycare, it sounds like an amazing place...
Love ~ Lady Anne xx