Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mojo - You are Missed

Our friends recently had to put their dog Mojo to rest. He was suffering way too much and had been sick for quite sometime. Mojo had a love for stuff animals and could bring you one when asked for it by name. He took care of every single one and he had plenty. When the shopping was brought home he was the first one to help carry it in the house. He was the first friend for my Tex. When I brought Tex home the first day they sniffed at each through the fence. I will remember that day quite fondly as I watched them getting to know each other.

Hoping to give our friends a tiny touch of comfort I searched on SplitCoastStampers and cased the card below.

So long Mojo. You will be missed.


Genie said...

What a good and thoughtful friend you are, they are more then pets, they are family members.

Regina Andari said...

You chose a very nice card to CASE. Mojo sounds very special, and I feel for your friends having to help him to his final rest. That is a hard, hard, hard thing to do, but it's a perfect example of love.