Friday, April 5, 2013

Freestyle Fridays

It's Friday once again and it's my turn for Freestyle.  This is a card that was part of set that I made for a friend of mine for her birthday.  The set contained 6 cards with envelopes that I had stamped on.  I was going for the simple yet dramatic effect.  When I started out I had no specific layout/theme in mind except black and white.

It's really easy to see what was done here so there's no need to go into great detail. The stamp sets used were Bloomin' with Kindness and French Script.  Why Stampin' Up got rid of this one and came out with En Francais I will never understand.  It doesn't seem like it in this photo but I seem to recall embossing the flower.
********REGINA'S MISSION********
The mission for this week is Black and White with as many layers as you would like.  The catch, you can not use a flower.  You know there had to be catch in there somewhere.
I haven't shown you any pictures of Frankii for quite sometime.  Here are a few that I took trying out my speed/motion setting.  Quite happy with the result.  Frankii has a new haircut since it was suppose to be Spring around here.  We were hit with almost a foot of snow. (Hey Reg, that's 0.3048 Metre(s) for you)
See Ya Next Week!


Jacoline said...

Hey Julie! This card that you have created is just so elegant. You have used two of my favorite stamp sets and the black and white theme really does both of them justice. Each week I wait to see what you have created for us and you never disappoint me ever. Keep up the great work.

Also it is so nice to see Frankii on your site again. He is such a lovely little fur baby. Your photo's of him in the snow are fabulous. I am going to try and copy him to my photo album... if that is okay.

Have a great weekend and look forward to next time.

Regina Andari - said...

LOL!!! Metre . . . meter . . . it's all the same foot! It hadn't yet occurred to me that you would use the "re" spelling rather than my mental image of "er". LOVE the photos of Frankii in the snow--he's beautiful! LOVE your card this week, too, and I will get it posted to my blog. This day has done a disappearing act, so forgive me.