Friday, October 14, 2011

Freestyle Fridays - Thanksgiving Wreath

Thanksgiving for us has come and gone.  Though the occasion was this past Monday we celebrated on Sunday.  Good thing too!  On Monday morning our electricity went out around 9am.   A little while later I called our service, using my cell of course, to hear a recorded message say that an overhead power line had been contacted.  Around here we immediately think an over sized load of sorts had crossed and broken a line. Although that shouldn't happen on a Holiday we still called the anonymous fella an idiot and laid total responsibility on him.  All the while we were thankful that the bird had been cooked the day before as the electricity did not return until after noon.  Can you image the turkey dinners on that day!

To greet our guests I set out to make a decoration for the front door.  I laid a large garbage bag on the counter and supplied myself with a twisted circle branch wreath, silk leaves of all sorts of fall colors, pumpkins, pine cones and an assortment of other little decorations I had gathered in a large plastic container from this project or other.  Heated up the glue gun and got to work.  Added a leaf here, a pine cone there, with no real pattern in mind.

The only Stampin' Up product used here were the bottle nose pliers with wire cutter from the Crafters Tool Kit.  I love those and use them all the time especially when I make decorations like this one were I like one element off of a silk flower arrangement. Once I was done I folded the garbage bag carefully to catch all the little bits and I was done.  The colors match perfectly with the ones that Mother Nature are giving us as of late.

********REGINA'S MISSION********

It's Friday so that means a mission goes out to the very talented Regina. So Regina your mission this week should you choose to accept it will be to create a project with a wreath theme.  It doesn't have to be using supplies like the one above although I'm sure that the Andari Craft Store does have all the requirements (wink wink).  You can create on paper using markers, ribbon(s), ink, even using your beloved My Digital Studio.  Maybe even something scary and spooky. Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

See Ya Next Week!


Jacoline Fitzgerald said...

What a beautiful wreath you have made Julie. I just love it. I wish I was as talented. Hope all is well with you and the family and that the new job is really going well for you. Also, I haven't heard much about Frankii so I assume he is being his normal charming self. Give him a hug from me and I look forward to seeing what you create for Monday.


Anonymous said...

Lovely fall wreath. Sometimes we have to go out of our box (stampinup) You did a fantasic job.