Saturday, September 24, 2011

Freestyle Fridays - Regina's Mission

Well, haven't we been having fun with technology this week.  NOT!!  Whether at home or at work technology has not been very cooperative. From a printer misfeeding to no Internet and everything else in between that you can imagine it happened this past week.  Although tempting to open a window and give it a shove down a few floors maturity and restrain held strong and in the end it all got accomplished in some form or another.

Last week I missioned Regina to CASE a cover of the demo only magazine Stampin' Success.  And true to her artistic talents she came through for us.  Look at this.

To get the complete post hop on over to Regina's Blog and have a look at the cover of the magazine that inspired her and the details on how she came about this design. Plus, she has a great tip on how to persuade your creative side.  And when there it would be awesome of you to leave a comment for her.

See Ya Next Week!

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Jacoline Fitzgerald said...

Hi Julie! Well Regia did a wonderful job creating this week and I love the way the card is set up. Hope all is well and that Frankii is behaving. Have a great weekend