Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Manly Mondays

Well Ladies and Gents Spring has finally Sprung in these parts.  The snow is melting at a rapid pace and the days are getting warmer and longer. The Geese are coming home a few at a time.  I actually waved at some the other day and yelled out "Welcome Home, it's good to see you". 

This week's card actually features Fall colors.  It just happened.... With Regina mentioning keeping a container of sorts close by with cut out pieces to use at a later date had me thinking I should really use something from that container.  I've had a piece of Brides Paper kicking around for some time that I had made a mixture of Pearl-Ex and water in a mister since before Christmas. Simply sprayed the mixture on the paper and wiped it with a paper towel. It actually has quite a bit of shine to it.
That piece was adhered to Pumpkin Pie.  The tree from Lovely As A Tree was stamped on Crumb Cake  with VersaMark and a few colors from Stampin' Pastels were applied with Q-tips. That piece was cut to size with a Nestability.  The sentiment layers are Pear Pizzazz and Crumb Cake, again, a nestability was used for the layers. Thinking of You was stamped with Chocolate Chip Classic Ink.  I was going to had some brads but felt it would take away from the Brides Paper and the tree.


Frankii had a couple of new experiences this past week.  A Mother came into daycare to have her dog groomed and brought along her two year old daughter.  This child was not in the mood to listen on this day. Frankii has not been around children much and it always causes me some concern as you never know how a dog will react to a quick moving tot.  Curiosity took over him and he did very well according to Debbie even when the child hit him.  Debbie was quick to point out to the Mom to not allow her child do this and thankfully Frankii took it as a playful action.  It did tire him out thought which is excellent for this high active canine. When he came home he ate, had a drink and relaxed.

Can this position really be that comfortable??  Must be since he didn't move for quite awhile.

His other experience this past week was a fig.  Debbie was enjoying her afternoon snack and gave Frankii one.  When Frankii wants something that you are eating he sits as close to you as possible and stares at the food going into your mouth ever so subtly. His head does not move, only his eyes. He's extremely quiet and sometimes drool.  That "look" got to Debbie so she let him have a taste and he did his "taste, drop, taste, drop" test before he decided that he liked it. Poor Debbie, her fig snack will never be the same now. J
A La Prochaine!


Anonymous said...

As usual enjoy your card. Glad Frankii did well with the well behaved child.


Jacoline said...

Julie, I just love what you did with this card. You are so creative. Glad to hear that Frankii survived the day with the over zealous child. He looks very comfortable sleeping like that.