Monday, May 17, 2010

Manly Mondays Week #9

My Husband recently celebrated his 50th.  He's an avid hunter and this "fit the bill". 

You can't tell from the picture, unfortunately, the elk or caribou (I can never tell the difference) is embossed.  I used Basic Black Craft Ink and embossed with Clear Embossing Powder. The white layer was ran through the Big Shot with an embossing folder.   The inside included a Huge gift certificate for yet more power tools.  Not sure which one, the card or the certificate, brought a bigger smile :)

We suffered yet another snow storm and a full day with no power!  At least Wesley was entertained watching the geese.

He sat there for quite awhile just watching not making a sound.  Not sure who was more intrigued, the goose or Wesley. Thankfully it kept him from digging under the fence which he has been doing a lot!

A La Prochaine!

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Regina Andari said...

Hi Julie! That's a stamp set that has caught my attention several times, and you did a great job. Hope your DH had a great birthday! BTW, Wesley looks TOO STINKIN' CUTE sitting there by the fence!