Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wanna Be Cowboys

Yesterday I had a little time between coming home from work and a Lions dinner meeting so I sat down to finish a project I'd had in mind for a few days.  On the weekend I was walking around the basement and came upon a box full of these things (vapor barrier that house electrical outlets) 

I ask my husband holding one up "Are these things expensive?", he says "Naw".  So I say, "Can I have one?" He replies "Ok" with a tone of unsurety.  I say "Great, I'm gonna make Frankii a hat" he groans with an Oh God! that poor dog.... I'm always trying to play Barbie with Frankii and my husband just shakes his head. So I started by rounding the corners with a small Corner Rounder.  Added strips of Bella Bleu designer paper on each side.  I had some Soft Suede cardstock left over from my swap for Calgary Regionals so I cut a piece to size for the front and added a brad with a star on it.  It needed a little something still so I "borrowed" the feathers from a card Carole'Anne taught at her Sunday class.  Put a Pewter Jumbo Eyelet on each side and some Chocolate Chip Ribbon. "Frankii come see what I made for you" as I make my way upstairs to find him.  Oh No! he seems to say and walks away from me.  I grabbed some cookies and convince him in front of the fireplace.  I had also grabbed a toothpick thinking I could get one cool shot.

So, we're all ready to get a perfect shot, and BAM!! the doorbell rings.  ARGHH!! Bill comes walking in and that was it.  Toothpick falls, hat goes crooked and Frankii runs over to greet him.  Bill says "what's that on his head" and Evan says "she's playing Barbie with the dog again" Of course they are both laughing and Frankii is thankful for the rescue. So this shot was the best I could get.

And later on I tried it on Wesley and he did really good except for trying to eat the ribbon so I didn't tie it under his head.

Maybe I can perfect it for Halloween.

A la prochaine!


June said...

Wonderful! I love it. It's altered art -- all the vogue. I just hope my cat doesn't see this picture or he'll want one too (NOT!)

Carole'Anne AKA Stampin Stressaway said...

Howdy mam
so sorry I haven't come to visit this week - crazy!
You are so funny!
I think you are brilliant to recycle like that!
The ribbon looks fabulous! he he
Very fashionable
I have to say Wesley is a born model he he